“Swordless Jihād” relies on the light of the Qurʾān and of the Hadīth of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to support Muslims in their “effort” to translate correctly the fundamental principles of the Islamic faith (‘Aqīdah, عقيدة) into concrete works within the world and for the world, according to the prospects of peace desired by Allah (swt) the Most High for humanity. As the “last abode” will not be of “those who do evil” (Sūrah “Ash-Shūrā”, 42:40), but of the believers who “respond to evil with good” (Sūrah “Ar-Ra ‘d”, 13:22).

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“Swordless Jihād” appeals to those who “traded guidance for misguidance” (Sūrah “Al Baqara”, 2:16), falling into the deception of extremism. For them, may the bad example of the “misguided” (Sūrah “Al Fātiha”, 1:7) who resort to violence in the name of Islām, distorting the meaning of Allāh’s (swt) “revelation” to Prophet Muhammad (saw), be a “sign” (Sūrah “Al Kahf”, 18:106) and a warning to return to the “Straight Path ” (Sūrah “Al Fātiha”, 1:6), where they will find Him, the Merciful, the Compassionate, ready to welcome them back.

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“Swordless Jihād” pays special attention to the most sensitive components of the “Ummah” (family, women, youth, childhood), urging all Muslims to strengthen their commitment to preserve them from being instrumentalized by radical approaches antithetical to authentic Islām. It is indeed a duty of every Muslim to ensure that the fundamental traits of the “community of believers” always correspond to what has been established by Allāh (swt) the Most High in the Qurʾān: “A community may arise among you that call others to goodness, encourages what is good, and forbid what is bad. Here are those who will prosper” (Sūrah “Āl ‘Imrān”, 3:104).

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