“SWORDLESS JIHĀD” is a blog created by a group of Muslim independent activists, with no affiliation and unrelated to any movement, to counter the misleading approach to Islām that lays armed “Jihād” at the core of the religious domain.

“SWORDLESS JIHĀD” looks into the peace and dialogue discourse that is inherent to true Islām, denouncing the threat posed by radical and terrorist organizations, and addressing the propaganda and narratives spread by extremism on the internet.

“SWORDLESS JIHĀD” is a space available to those Muslims who are willing to voice the true essence of Islām as a religion of peace, dialogue, and reconciliation, exposing those who distort the authentic message of its sacred scriptures.

Write us below, or on our social networks, to contribute with your reflections and experiences to the engagement of “SWORDLESS JIHĀD” against extremism.

This blog is not a newspaper, as it is updated without any periodicity. It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to law no. 62 of 7.03.2001. The images and videos being published are taken on the internet from sources assessed to be of public domain: if their use violates copyrights, please notify the editorial staff who will promptly remove them.