Al-Ghurabā’ or “Strangers” of Terror? Beware of the Imitations

With the blasphemous anti-Ummah of Shayṭān‘s toy soldiers, one must have a great patience (ṣabr), combined with an equally large dose of mercy (rahmāh). All of this, to compensate for the contempt and the anger that arise spontaneously in the face of the intoxication and the manipulations to which this army of “misled” and false mujāhidīn continues to tarnish the very message of Islām, the one conveyed to humanity by Prophet Muhammad saw by mandate of Allaah subḥānahu wataʿālā.

Devoid of any scruple and sense of shame, what remains that the lies of Shayṭān’s toy soldiers have not yet contaminated? In their hands, the black flag of the Tawḥīd and the Shahādah has become a symbol of death and destruction, while the jihād a bloody “effort” for head-cutters and bombers who commit massacres; the “Sunnah sports” a preliminary stage to terrorist training; the beginning of Ramaḍān the anniversary of the birth of ISIS (Dāʿish Ḥarām); the anāshīd gloomy and deadly songs.

They even embezzled coffee cups, flowers, as well as animals, especially cats and lions, and now there are those (most notably sisters) who have begun with dogs too (without letting them into the house of course).

The tragedy takes on even more farcical traits and contents if we consider the self-identification of Shayṭān’s toy soldiers with the Ghurabā’, the “Strangers” called upon in various aḥadīth by Prophet Muhammad saw, starting with the following, the most famous and improperly exploited one:

Islām began as something strange and will return as something strange, so glad tidings to the Strangers” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim).

The prediction of Prophet Muhammad saw has inevitably come true. And that this prediction would have materialized, it had already been understood by ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb, when Prophet Muhammad saw, immediately after the conclusion of the Quranic revelation on Mount ‘Arafāt, announced in his last sermon that the perfectioning of the religion (Sūrah “al-Mā’ida”, 5:3) had been achieved. In tears, ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb gave proof of the great sensitivity with which he will later hold the Ummah together as second Caliph, by realizing that “everything that reaches the peak of perfection tends to diminish” (Ṭabarī).

Looking at the Ummah today, it is in fact very far both from the first community of believers and from the “community […] that call others to goodness, encourages what is good, and forbid what is bad” (Sūrah “āl-‘Imrān”, 3:104), which must arise according to the wishes of Allāh subḥānahu wataʿālā.

Have we reached the lowest point? You can always keep digging and Shayṭān’s toy soldiers are happy to take care of this task, with the aim of plunging all Muslims into their black hole of ignorance and wickedness.

Hence, to perfect the ideological, psychological, and spiritual “misguidance” of the Ummah, with endless pride and arrogance (kibr), they play the part of those few Muslims, the Ghurabā’, who in the Muhammedan prophetic vision will have the mission of shedding new light on the Ṣirāṭ al-Mustaqīm, the “Straight Path” obscured by the temptations of this dunyā where the law is dictated by Shayṭān.

Beware! By exposing all of this, we of “Swordless Jihād” do not intend in any way to compete with the false mujāhidīn of the “anti-Islamic state”. We do not claim to be the Ghurabā’ ourselves, we do not feel in any way to be “the chosen few from different lands”. We are just ordinary Muslims, full of limitations and imperfections, and with this awareness we simply try to fight our ignorance with the purpose of improving day by day in terms of faith and knowledge, thus making ourselves as less unworthy as possible in the eyes of Allāh subḥānahu wataʿālā.

At the same time, we feel the duty to expose the deception perpetrated by the “misguided” with the hood, who dare to celebrate themselves as the heirs of those Muslims who accompanied Prophet Muhammad saw in the enormous tribulations that marked the birth and spread of Islām.

It is enough to have taken an airplane to Istanbul and have crossed the border with Syria thanks to the good offices of some dodgy trafficker, to equate themselves with “those who withdraw (an-Nuzzā’) from their people” (Ibn Majah) for Islām, following the preaching of Prophet Muhammad saw?

Sowers of death and destruction, oppression and unprecedented violence, do they seriously think that they are “those who forbid evil when the people become corrupt” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim), and that they really “observe the Sharia and the Sunnah in every aspect of life”?

Megalomaniacs and completely self-referential, their cult is promoted, among others, by a certain blog in English of alleged “Muslimah Sisters”, clearly affiliated to ISIS.

However, “they follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie” (Sūrah “al-An’ām”, 6:116), the Sublime Quran says: have they ever considered the concrete possibility that this stern warning is addressed exactly to them, the “Strangers” of Terror?

In reality, such impostors submitted to Shayṭān, and certainly not to Allāh subḥānahu wataʿālā, although they act as mysterious individuals do not deceive us. We know them very well. The propaganda they fill the internet and social media with ‒ passing it off as Daʿwa, featuring inspirational images, advertising slogans, videos, anāshīd, and memes ‒ is indeed nothing more than a perverse invitation to damnation for which they will receive no reward in the hereafter.

Nevertheless, militants and sympathizers are so persuaded that, in the Ākhirah, they will be destined to Jannāh by right (even at the highest level of the Firdaws an-Naʻīm), to the point of spreading a completely distorted translation of the Ḥadīth with which Prophet Muhammad saw projected into the future the figures of the Ghurabā’.

This is how “glad tidings to the Strangers”, from the original Arabic طُوبَى لِلْغُرَبَاءِ (“Blessed are the Strangers”), in the version of Shayṭān’s toy soldiers (women included) has been twisted into “Paradise is for the Strangers”, as a way to lure naive and inexperienced believers into the trap, and drive them to destroy their own life and the life of other people, in the delusion that they will enter Paradise in the form of “green birds”. An example of manipulation of this Ḥadīth is provided by that blog of the “Muslimah Sisters” above, isn’t that true?

However, these are suicide bombers and not “martyrs”, and their life and death belong to Shayṭān and not “to Allāh, the Lord of the worlds (‘Āalamīn)” (Sūrah “al-An’ām”, 6:162).

The best of Judges and the most Merciful will then deal as He pleases with these fake mujahidin, due to the sufferings and injustices they caused: Allāh a’alam. Meanwhile, it must be highlighted that He had warned them much in advance: “I will fill Hell with you all, you [Shayṭān] and those who have followed you” (Sūrah “al-A’rāf”, 7:18).

Indeed, they will not be able to escape the individual responsibility for the actions they performed: “Verily enlightenment has come to you from your Lord. Then whoever choses to see, does so for his own good, and whoever chooses to remain blind, does so to his own loss. I am not your keeper” (Sūrah “al-An’ām”, 6:104). Therefore, on the Day of Judgment, “if anyone heavily burdened asks for help with the load he carries, no one will be able to lighten him” (Sūrah “Fātir”, 35:18).

They have been victims of Shayṭān‘s deception, who “beautified their actions in their eyes and led them astray from the Straight Path”, but this will not constitute a mitigating factor and will not help them, since they had been “endowed with discernment” (Sūrah “al-‘Ankabūt”, 29:38).

They ended up believing that embracing violence and terrorism was tantamount to acting for the “cause” of Allāh subḥānahu wataʿālā, but “shall We inform you about the losers in terms of deeds? Those whose efforts in the worldly life went astray, while they believed that they were doing good?” (Sūrah “al-Kahf”, 18:103-104).

Brothers and sisters, “Strangers” of Terror. You have “exchanged the right Guidance for perdition” (Sūrah “al-Baqara”, 2:16), realize it and repent! Don’t you know “that Allah accepts the repentance of His servants”? (Sūrah “At-Tawba”, 9:104).

From those who repent, make amends and make the truth known, I will surely accept repentance (Sūrah “al-Baqara”, 2:160).

The “fire” that the “Muslimah sisters” say they feel in their hands is not the Dīn but Hell, which is already there waiting for them. The “rope” you are clinging to is not that of Allāh subḥānahu wataʿālā, but it is Shayṭān who is strangling you, after having taken possession of your nafs to make you believe you are a Gharīb. Free yourself as long as you are on time. Then, you will understand that you have been following nothing but the projection of your ego, and not the Aqīdah. Because none of us is worthy of the Ghurabā’.

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