Muslims’ answer to the question posed by the title of this article can only be a firm and unequivocal “NO”, with no ifs and buts… Yet, it has been a young Muslim ‒ Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old British citizen of Somali origin ‒ to riddle with shots the body of member of parliament David Amess in a town of the Essex county on 15 October 2021.

That Amess was hostile to Islām, as argued by one of the many “preachers of extremism” still active in the UK, cannot be considered in any way a valid and even remotely acceptable motive for Muslims.

On the other hand, the young Ali is just the latest in a very long list of Muslims who committed terrorist actions after falling into the trap of the aforementioned preachers. These alleged sheikhs and imams have made them believe that there is no Jihād without killing, and that killing means respecting and supporting the Haqq and Dīn referable to the supreme will of Allāh swt.

More sophisticated conceptual manipulations, always elaborated by the radical thinking of these alleged sheikhs and imams, cunningly deny that Jihād is equivalent to killing, but promote the view that “killing can be an instrument of Jihād, when there is a need to kill”.

Here these self-styled Muslim wisemen, imitated by their followers, exploit the verse of the Qur’an, “kill the polytheists [associators] wherever you meet them, capture them, besiege them and ambush them” (Sūrah “At-Tawba”, 9:5), to validate from a religious point of view their animalistic need to resort to violence everywhere and in any case.

However, this is just a need of their ego, which serves exclusively the purpose of satisfying their will to overwhelm and dominate others, with no connection with the tasks that Muslims are called to carry out during their earthly existence. What are these tasks, should they be reminded?

Prophet Muhammad saw was sent as a Messenger to bring Islām to humanity, and certainly not to kill in the name of the One who sent it: that is, Allāh the Most Merciful, Loving, and Forbearing, the Utterly Just, Magnificent, and Giver of Peace, which is our peace and salvation. In propagating the “Religion of Truth” (Sūrah “At-Tawba”, 9:29 and 9:33; Sūrah “Al-Fath”, 48:29; Sūrah “As-Saff”, 61:9), Muslims who are truly “submitted” to Allāh swt must therefore concentrate their “efforts” (Jihād) to act according to the same qualities of the Most High, exemplified in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad saw, on the “Straight Path” of spiritual and inner perfection.

Killing, on the other hand, is a task that pertains only to the “misguided” of Shaytān, who keeps on deceiving the minds and hearts of many believers, convincing them that shedding blood is an integral part of the Daʿwa, as well as a major duty to be performed to please Allāh swt.

The “misguided” who embrace the anti-Islamic ideology that exploits and takes to extremes the Islamic principles of Al Wala’ Wa’ Bara’ and Al Kufr bit-Tāghūt, even get to the point of longing to “hate for the sake of Allāh”. But what kind of blasphemous aberrations have they filled their brains with? And they also love bragging about it with their fellow “misguided” on Facebook, as nourishment for their boastful and frustrated egos. Self-esteem problems? How can they believe that the Al Salaf Al Sālih, the authentic ones, would be proud of them?

In reality, they do not worship Allāh swt, but just the inflated projection of their own image, behind which the evil figure of Shaytān is hiding. Do they also belong to the category of the polytheist associators (shirk) against whom they so fervently lash out? With the aggravating circumstance that they think to be the Muslims most Muslims in the world, while professing Shaytān’s “religion of falsehood” to which they are submitted.

Through the distorting lenses of their master, they look at the world and history as if they were a permanent Medina, while they are unable to operate a balanced and equitable (Wasatiyyah), as well as strategically intelligent discernment of the current scenarios, forgetting that the Ummah was made as “a moderate community” (Sūrah “Al Baqara”, 2:143), according to the wisdom of Allāh swt inscribed in the Qur’an.

Hence, they end up falling pray of a maddened Tafsīr, which preaches the ideological militarization of faith, with the very serious consequences that we all know, in which there is nothing Islamic. Instead, they ignobly tarnish the name of Islām, sowing death and destruction by edged weapons and firearms, explosive belts, car bombs, killer trucks, and also simply by their thoughts and words, when wicked acts of terror are justified at the cry of the most beautiful phrase that can be pronounced: “Allāhu Akhbar” (Takbīr).

A soldier of Shaytān, and certainly not a Mujāhid of Allāh swt, Ali Harbi Ali killed because in the United Kingdom there would be the “need” to kill, according to those “scientists” instrumentalizing the Al Wala’ Wa’ Bara’ and Al Kufr bit-Tāghūt principles. So, let us see if there is actually any “need” to kill for the UK-based Muslims. The figures showing the performance of the Daʿwa activities ‒ conducted with no Sword ‒ are a useful indicator.

In the past 10 years, the number of British who returned to Islām have tripled, exceeding 100,000, which is a sign of the steadily growing receptivity to Islam by the population. In addition, the total number of Muslims amounts to over 3 million faithful, who play increasingly important roles in society, including at the top of local and national institutions.

The question then arises: why to kill? Why to do it? A “need” actually exists, although it does not refer to Muslims but rather to Shaytān, who is not able to accept such an auspicious situation for the spread of Islām in the United Kingdom, as a mirror of a trend that is confirmed to be very positive also in other European countries. Here is why Shaytān engenders and fuels the militant approaches that lead to terrorism, in an attempt to sabotage the unstoppable plan of Allāh swt, by generating social hostility toward Muslims, disfavoring conversions, distancing believers from Islām, and preventing them from achieving salvation.

The armed “misguidance” of Muslims on British soil does not let go as of the suicide bombings of 7 July 2005, which were followed by dozens of attacks, both thwarted or successful, sensational or not, with hundreds and hundreds of dead and injured. David Amess is the latest in the series, and we ask the fake Al Salaf Al Sālih if it would not have been enough to reply to the anti-Islamic positions of the member of parliament in a civil way, namely with the reason and the reasons of Islām.

The preachers of extremism ‒ professional radicalizers surrounded by thugs who expect to be taken for true believers ‒ are certainly a tiny minority in the United Kingdom as well. However, it is a minority that kills and pushes to kill, and is kept alive by the incredibly large tolerance ensured by a misunderstood notion of freedom of expression, which Shaytān is always ready to take advantage of.

On top of that, also those Muslims who resent whenever the finger is put into the scourge of extremism behave according to Shaytān‘s plans, as they fuel a misplaced victimhood that, acting as a psychological trigger, might be conducive to terrorist action.

A 25-year-old Muslim boy killed a man with 17 stabs: what do they expect from the “disbeliever” Western media, that they talk about the “exemplary and top-notch Daʿwa” carried out in the UK since “1866”? That they celebrate “a story that sees Muslims as winners day by day”, after the Westminster and London Bridge attacks, and the Manchester Arena massacre? Yet, as soon as somebody says Londonistan, they cry scandal and resort to the usual instrumentalizations, brandishing Islamophobia as a weapon: where does their susceptibility come from, do they have a “guilty conscience”?

On his part, Shaytān says thank you, as he keeps finding a fertile ground for the recruitment of unfortunate and inexperienced young people such as Ali Harbi Ali. In a very short time, they are transformed into a lethal weapon in his service, also by effectively exploiting the multiplier of “misguidance” represented by the internet and the social media. When will the next attack take place?

It is “hypocritical” to complain about the criticism and even the offenses received, if nothing is done, or at least said, to fight Shaytānistan wherever in the world. An intra-Muslim Daʿwa to encourage believers, especially those who indulge in victimhood or indifference, to engage in a greater “effort” (Jihād) against extremism and terrorism would not be harmful.

Rather, we reasonably believe that it would be an “effort” pleasing to Allāh swt, while for those who are deceived into thinking that hating or killing “for His own good” will help achieve salvation, we say with Taqwā that the Most High will not “give them credit”. Therefore, repent! As long as you are on time, because …

“When everything is over, Shaytān will say: ‘Allah made you a sincere promise, while I made you a promise that I did not keep. What power did I ever have over you, if not to call you? And you answered me. Don’t blame me, but blame yourselves. I cannot be helpful to you, and you cannot be helpful to me. I reject the act with which earlier you associated me with Allāh.’ Indeed, the wrongdoers will suffer a painful punishment” (Sūrah “Ibrāhīm”, 14:22).

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