Good news for the Ummah never comes from Syria. We got used to it and we hardly notice it anymore. Beware, however, because Syria has already proved to be a laboratory of primary importance for the armed “misguidance”, improperly called “jihadism”, which continues to poison the Ummah from the inside, moving away from the sirāṭ al-mustaqīm especially the new generations of Muslims, both young women and men.

The latest breaking news concerns the ongoing reconciliation between Dāʿish and Ḥurrās ad-Dīn, a group affiliated with al-Qāʿida, the two faces of the same anti-Islamic monster created by Shaytān.

It is not enough to have “diverted” the course of the anti-Assad revolution, allowing the entry into Syria of a vast array of disbelieving and ill-intentioned forces, including Americans, Russians, Iranian Pasdarans and the pro-Khomeinist militiamen at their service, coming from Lebanon (Ḥizb Allāh), Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is not enough to have enabled the Kurds of the YPG/PKK, proudly disbelievers, to establish their dominance in the north-east of the country, with the excuse of fighting Dāʿish and thanks to the Western support.

And it is not enough to have facilitated the plans of that opportunist munāfiq of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has only exploited the anti-Assad revolution, the drama of refugees, and the alleged threat of the Kurds of the YPG/PKK, to get his hands on large swathes of Syrian territory at the border with Turkey.

All this is not enough, as there is a need for new developments to consolidate the current condition of subjugation of the Muslim population in Syria, for Shaytān’s pleasure of course.

The reunification between Dāʿish and Ḥurrās ad-Dīn, touted as a nostalgic operation to go back to the times of al-Zarqāwī’s massacres, would make the bloody regime of Damascus extremely happy, giving it the possibility to continue justifying its existence as an opponent of the armed “misguidance”. A similar logic would also apply to the Kurds of the YPG/PKK, and to the presence of Americans, Russians, Iranian Pasdarans and related militias.

Without forgetting the cunning al-Jawlānī, who would not miss the opportunity to further strengthen the dominance of Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām in the Idlib region, where the group is already acting as policeman against Dāʿish and Ḥurrās ad-Dīn, on behalf of the neo sultan-Erdogan and with the approval of the West.

In short, the reconciliation between the two souls meant for the damnation of the Syrian armed “misguidance” would meet the interests of all the actors involved, except the Muslims, who will be the only sacrificial victims, as usual.

To make this prospect even more disturbing, it is the period chosen to start the “peace” talks between Dāʿish and Ḥurrās ad-Dīn: Ramadān. Already the alleged caliph, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, declared the birth of the “anti-Islamic state” on the first day of Ramadān. And every year, Dāʿish celebrates the whole Ramadān by intensifying both the use of violence and its propaganda, for the use and consumption of militants and sympathizers.

The goal is to desecrate both the “revelation” of Islām, which began precisely in the month of Ramadān, and the prophetic task of Muhammad (saw), giving life to a blasphemous “anti-Ummah” made up of mujāhidīn of terror who fight against Allāh (swt) and his plan of “salvation” for humanity.

Convinced of being “submitted” to Allāh (swt), “they traded the Right Guidance for perdition” (Sūrah “Al Baqara”, 2:16), becoming “soldiers” in the service of Shaytān who continue to spread their fitnā and harm the Muslims of the Shām, as well as of other parts of the world.

Do you want us to mention those whose deeds are most useless, those whose effort in this life has led them astray, while they believed they were doing good? (Sūrah “Al Kahf”, 18:103-104).

During Ramadān, all Muslims are called to measure their faith in absolute sincerity, so as to identify the areas where it is necessary to make a renewed “effort” (Jihād) for one’s own spiritual perfection. “Am I on the Straight Path to Allāh (swt)?”, the brothers of Dāʿish and Ḥurrās ad-Dīn are also called to answer this question. Examine your conscience and repent!

Allāh (swt), the most Merciful, “welcomes the repentance of those who do evil out of ignorance and repent soon after” (Sūrah “An-Nisā’“, 4:17). Therefore, get back on the “Straight Path” (Sūrāh “Al Fātiha”, 1: 7), as far as possible from Syria…

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