The fear of ISIS has broken out in Palestine, after the two attacks carried out in the past few days. A third attack claimed by the self-styled Islamic Jihad group followed soon afterward, with the West providing the usual media sounding board, while ignoring the daily scandal of the occupation, dropped into oblivion and indifference.

The media classified the two attacks as a reaction to the summit of “peace and love” that took place between Arab and Israeli leaders. But what about the young Palestinians killed in retaliation, who were in their twenties or underage? Do they not matter? They were “terrorists”, the usual justification goes. “Terrorists” like the Ukrainians who want to drive the Russians out of their home? Woe to those who dare to make comparisons!

Needless to say that the intention here is not to justify or provide any form of support for what happened. Actually, we suggest to definitively abandon the “eye for an eye, innocent civilians for innocent civilians” logic, to which Palestinians must no longer lower themselves. They have already done it for too long: but what benefits has the vicious circle of violence brought? Zero, below zero. They got only more occupation and suffering, playing exactly the game of those who, with the excuse of terrorism, were able to justify the repeated crackdowns.

On top of that, ISIS is now coming to crush, once and for all, the hopes of the Palestinian brothers and sisters to obtain justice, dignity and independence. Dāʿish Ḥarām! Along with its imitators and competitors.

Hatred, resentment, and desire for revenge are understandable reactions in the face of injustices, especially if they have been suffered for decades. At the same time, however, these feelings are able to make a man blind or, at best, they leave him only with one eye, which is not enough to “see” the situation with sufficient clarity and to act accordingly. What to do then?

The young Palestinians ‒ the new generation, the future of Palestine ‒ are those who are called to answer this question, certainly not the ultra-corrupt dinosaurs of the local rulers or the “Islamist” enchanters, who consolidate their power thanks to the recurring destruction and conflicts, sitting on their throne made of blood and rubble. And not even the Arab leaders (and the Turkish ones as well?), whose betrayal is now obvious, regardless of their rhetorical declarations.

Young Palestinians are alone, but better alone than badly accompanied, especially if the last ones seeking to take the helm of the Palestinian resistance are ISIS terrorists.

In such a scenario, only one option remains on the table: the “Swordless Jihād”. No more knives, Molotov cocktails, and homemade rockets. Not even stones. No more gifts!

Realistically, the only way forward to disrupt the established patterns that allow the occupation to perpetuate itself is a permanent peaceful resistance. A war without weapons that would offer no pretexts for any repression.

What could they do in the face of the “invasion” of millions of people with the rainbow flag next to the flag of Palestine? It would be very difficult for the Western media, despite their hypocrisy and double standards, not to focus on this peaceful movement and on the possible repercussions against it. While all those who profit from the occupation would be politically sidelined. And what an embarrassment for the Arab leaders!

Permanent peaceful resistance has long been talked about in some intellectual circles in Palestine, where they have two eyes on the head and both of them work well. Now, the time for action has come, and the responsibility lies with the Palestinian youth. Get organized. Yes, you can. It is a difficult mission, very difficult, but possible. The future of the resistance is in your hands, do not leave it in the hands of ISIS.

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