“Islām is NOT a Religion of Peace”, the self-styled “falsehood shooter” firmly maintains on Instagram.

But are you really sure to be “guided” by “the light of Quʼran and Sunnah”, as you boast about? Or, most likely, you are just people who have been “blinded” by Iblīs’ deception of extremism?

Iblīs is always pleased to (mis)guide you into upholding approaches to theology, doctrine, and Islamic sources that fulfil your primary inner urge to “fight”.

Yes, you just want to “fight”. You are thirsty of violence and war by default, and thus Iblīs provides your mind with the “food” you need to justify yourselves brandishing a “sword” to kill the “enemies”. Is that true?

Look deep inside yourselves and reply to Allāh (swt). Perhaps, out of His mercy, He will bother to listen to you and accept you back in the Ummah, together with the other Muslim brothers and sisters who know that Islām is a religion of Peace, as well as of Truth and Justice.

Otherwise, He will leave you in the hands of Iblīs, your puppet master, because “He guides whom Hewills to the Straight Path”, as you should know.

You have a unique chance, so don’t miss it. REPENT!

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