Archery, horse riding, wrestling, and martial arts: the Sunnah sports are good for the body and soul, and Alhamdulillah that Muslims continue to practice and promote them today, in a world dominated by football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, rugby, etc. etc.

However, the Sunnah sports are also liable to the manipulation and propaganda run by “misled” groups and individuals, who advertise through videos and images the sports activities of the Islamic tradition with purposes that are very different from it, and have nothing to do with the Dīn and Aqīdah…

Here you go then: bows and arrows stand for pistols and machine guns, the galloping horse for suicide car bombs, wooden sticks for swords to cut heads and throats. Are these sports?!?

We always hope to be mistaken and be denied. So, are we wrong? Please help us understand by answering the questions below. Give us your opinion!

1) Do you also think that the promotion of the Sunnah sports on the internet and social media is often “misled” to spread subliminal messages that recall the use of violence, including terrorism?

2) Do you also think that greater awareness is needed among Muslims, both women and men, so that they can immediately recognize and understand when the promotion of the Sunnah sports is “misled” for purposes related to extremism and contrary to Islām?

3) Do you also think that there is a “soft” propaganda whose aim is to make Muslim men and women believe that the Sunnah sports are like preparatory activities for war, driving them to justify massacres, bombers, and beheaders, to the point of wanting to imitate them? Ḥarām!